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Spring Facial Series

The Spring Series Facial is our way of welcoming the Spring season, by helping to address dull, oily, or dry skin, and bringing out your soft, youthful, and glowing complexion. To best achieve this goal, our Spring Series package includes the Spring Peel treatment, and a follow-up Microdermabrasion facial, to be performed within two weeks of each other for optimal results.

The Spring Peel includes:

  • A total of 75 minutes for treatment of the face, neck and decollete.
  • Two cleanses, using the Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser and the Vitamin C Lactic Cleanser.
  • Gentle Lactic Peel Mask formulated to add volume and strengthen the skin, followed by a Quench Cooling mask to calm the skin.
  • An application of our personalized Serum Blend for your skin’s specific needs.
  • Calming mask with steam treatment to hydrate and relax.
  • Polypeptide Eye Cream and a Moisturizer + SPF to leave your skin feeling healthy, protected, and fabulous!


Within 14 days, come back and seal the deal with our Microdermabrasion facial, a cleansing and renewing treatment using ground diamonds and suction to sluff off dead skin cells. As a follow-up treatment to the lactic acid used in the Spring Peel, the effect of the Microderm will be amplified, because the skin will already have been stimulated, allowing it to turn over quicker and easier. Your skin is now ready to reveal the young and fresh cells beneath the surface. The final result is a vibrant, new and glowing you!

Important notes about our series…

  • Please call us at (828) 944-0288 to reserve. This seasonal series is offered March 1st- April 30th. For optimal results, we suggest scheduling both appointments within 2 weeks or 3 weeks maximum. The total price is $220 and includes (2) 60 minute treatments to complete the series.
  • In preparation for the Spring Peel, please discontinue use of products containing retin A, retinol, aha, and bha, for a minimum of 7 days prior to treatment.
  • Please do not exfoliate for the next 14 days, or until your follow up Microdermabrasion treatment.
  • After the Spring Peel, you may experience peeling, flakiness, or slight pigmentation of the treated areas, all of which are temporary, normal reactions and can be remedied with the use of a gentle moisturizer. Do not pick any peeling areas as this can cause hyperpigmentation or scarring.
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Bliss out with a complimentary garshana treatment when you book any 90 or 120 minute massage during the month of March.

Garshana is an ayurvedic treatment commonly known as body brushing. Stimulate and detoxify your lymphatic system, refresh your skin and revive your mind. It’s the perfect time of year to exfoliate your winter skin, and it just simply feels amazing! This treatment typically requires 10-15 minutes and is followed by a luxurious and hydrating therapeutic massage.

Please be sure to specify the garshana special when scheduling your appointment! You’re welcome to call us to reserve or book your 90 or 120 minute massage online and write a note in the appointment.